Aria2 : Make your linux box a 24×7 downloader

There are so many things that make me like Linux, the important one among them is that you can run it for days without any memory leaks. Days and weeks and months if you know how to configure properly. Sure, Windows can do it. But its cumbersome and resource hungry even without any leaks.

And what can we do by making the box run for weeks?.  We can run downloads 24×7 or seed-boxes or whatever. Now my interest in this is for running a 24×7 downloader box. Continue reading

Setting up a VNC server in MK 802 / any linux box

VNC is an useful tool to have, especially in the case of linux boxes like MK 802. Instead of buying an expensive HDMI monitor which will be 4x costlier than the device itself is not a brilliant idea.

If you are using Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu, the steps for preparing your box with VNC is fairly simple. The prerequisite for setting up a VNC server includes an ssh service working on the box. You can use open-ssh for this. Chances of this application already being there in your system is pretty high. Continue reading

Setting up WiFi in MK 802 II

Everybody would’ve experienced the d’uh moment of truth, at which you realise that you spent hours looking for a solution that was right in front of you.

In this instance, while setting up the MK 802 II, I failed to notice that the WiFi chip inside MK 802 II is slightly different than MK 802. Another fact which made it even more difficult was that the 8188 chip inside MK 802 II (  MK 802 has 8192 based chip ) is a specific variant 8188eu. If it was a plain 8188, then the 8192cu module (which holds the driver for the MK 802’s WiFi chip )would’ve worked.  Should’ve looked carefully at the description behind the package-box of the device  when I the unpacked it I guess.

Building a server for less than $60 – Rikomagic MK802 II

It’s been a few months since my last post. And this particular device took enough time out of life to make me come back and  write an article about it.

Rikomagic MK802 is a little device which is designed to run Android by default. But you can run almost any variant of Linux on it, provided that you fit the OS into a microSD card.

After reading so many reviews about it, I thought it will get an MK802 II. Ordered it via Alibaba (Lots of issues from Customs, since the product was shipped from China). The device costed me around 40$ but the customs waala charged a 15$ on top of it. And I got a USB LAN adapter along with it, which i use with my Macbook Retina ;-) . So it was a good deal overall. Continue reading

Disable permission request of plugins in Chrome

“This plugin needs your permission to run ” . Should i allow or not?. I should.  Every time. And that’s the pain of it.  Google should add another option “Remember Always” .Till then you have to enable it manually.


Does it bug you when a plugin asks your permission every time when it needs to run?. Java SE plugin does this often. Recently, in my Chrome installation , My RoboForm plugin started acting weird. It started asking for permission to run on each website. I tried re installing RoboForm , its extension. None of that worked.

Continue reading

Improving performance of your Android device through optimizing Build.Prop settings

Each android build has a build.prop file . As the name suggests , it has important properties of that android build. These properties are dependent on each device. Each build.prop file consists of numerous properties set by the Android build, each line for each property. Here , in this article i will try to define the purpose of each property and give out the values ( wherever i can ) .

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