Managing a 404 Error Page in a WordPress Blog

404 Pages are inevitable. Users are of different types. Some misspell, Some try to copy paste links partially, Some reach out through dead links. If you do not take care of that , their visiting flow to your blog is going to end in the first interaction – the 404 page of your blog.

You can take care of the problem by either editing your 404 page ( 404.php in your theme’s directory )  properly to have a friendly layout , enabling the user to search further . Or, you can show them pages related to their keywords.

Few plugins are already available for you to implement this feature without much hassle

True Google 404

It is one of the simples option available. Gives a list of relevant pages and a search form . Simple but functionality is good enough for a simple blog , with normal amount of content.

Plugin Page : True Google 404 – WordPress Plugins


AskApache Google 404

AskApache plugin is a more advanced , slightly more difficult to configure , type of plugin. It’s extra features includes :

  • Using Google Custom Search for generating  related posts.
  • Integrates AdSense for Publisher and Domains for unknown pages, there by generating more revenue.
  • Displays a tagcloud based on the keywords.

Plugin Page : AskApache Google 404 – WordPress Plugins


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