Increasing the Dell Studio 15 series laptop’s sound

First of all, i haven”t tested it anywhere else so i can”t guarantee this 100%.But in my laptop it”s working like i wanted it to work.

UPDATE: Many have tested this and some have mentioned it that it will increase the sound in a laptop with IDT driver.

This includes Studio 1535,Studio 1537, Studio 1555,Dell Studio XPS 13,Dell Studio XPS 15, Dell Studio XPS 17 and other Studio 15 a& Studio 17 ”s.

These are the steps for the great [blowin’ ;)] sound on your Dell Studio 1535 Laptop.In my notebook, i”m having an IDT Audio Codec Driver for the On Board Audio Chip.And it took me 2 days to figure out that the IDT Codec actually sucks to the core.

Jump to the bottom for the summary if you don”t have time for reading all of this. 😉

To the story then,

I was playing around with audio enhancement programs for making up my notebooks bleak sound.First I tried DFX which i recommend even now to my friends who has speakers with underused sound power ;).But then the funny thing was that it wasn”t making any noticeable [ ahem….  for me ] difference in the sound.So I went back of the Sound Blaster Audigy HD Audio Software emulation offered by Dell  [ as an upgrade  ]Rs 458 [ :O ] and i didn”t opt for it when i ordered the laptop. .I was searching for a demo of the software to find if that software would make any difference to the pooorrrr sound on the lap.I managed to get one tryout package of the software after 1 hour of googling on it. Then they said that i should be having Sigmatel Chip inside my lap for it to work , and i guessed that the Sigmatel Codec will work irrespective of my choice of “not to opt” for the Audigy MB Software package, because Dell wouldn”t change the motherboard just for the sake of a 458 Rs Software emulation upgrade.Would they?.

So I installed the Sigmatell Driver and then it was sayin that the Hardware isn”t workin properly [ 🙁 … i didn”t have that much of hope that it will work though because the driver is for Sigmatel Chip and i started off assuming that my chip is the same. ].Then, the best thing happened.

I uninstalled the Sigmatell Driver and the IDT Codec wasn”t present so the MS Vista installed it”s default High Definition Audio Device Driver on it.Before installing the IDT driver back [ all my hopes were lost  right ? ],I played one song and i got a bit shocked because of the sound coming from my laptop. 😉

it was triple the sound output ,I actually had to reduce the sound of the notebook when i played that song because it was too loud :D.

For the geeks,

  • Uninstall the IDT Driver [ or Sigmatel . Whatever it is!, it”s not using the speakers of the lappie well,So give them a break 😉 ]
  • During the uninstall make sure that the driver files are removed too.!Otherwise it tends to reinstall using the same driver over again.
  • Then,Install the driver ,Vista should pickup the driver automatically,if it doesn”t then select “Locate and install suitable driver”..The name of the driver should be “High Definition Audio Device”.

It”s better than the IDT Driver and I don”t even have to use the Sound enhancement programs now because the sound is great .



NB:  This is a very old post, which i reposted from the archives. For better audio clarity you can use ASIO driver and foobar2000 for listening to music. Refer to the new  post Achieving the ultimate audio clarity from your PC and Laptop

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