Windows 7 / Windows Vista memory leak

If your Windows 7 / Vista PC is having its memory used up real fast, I’m talking real fast. For example, Filling up-to 90% of 4GB RAM in 1 day.  Not about an increase from 30% to 50%  over two days.image

An average Windows 7 PC uses around  100-150MB for Paged Kernel Memory ( PKM) and around 50 MB of Non Paged Kernel Memory (NPKM). If you look in task manager ( Ctrl+Alt+Esc ) , You can see the memory usage under the ‘Performance’ Tab.

If at all you are to be worried, It should be when the Kernel Memory goes way beyond logical levels. The Cached Levels will be usually high due to the Readyboost feature in windows , and they are  freed when necessary. But not the NPKM and PKM.

Case 1: High Usage of NPKM – Non Paged Kernel Memory.

Issue#1 : WFP memory leak

One of the main causes of an NPKM  Leak is due to the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) causes memory leak.

Fix for that is available at :  Microsoft Support KB979223 .

Applications which causes memory leak due to this issue includes  ESET Nod32 Antivirus causing NPKM when large amount of data is downloaded over a small time period , say 10 GB over 1 day.

Case 2: High Usage of PKM –Paged Kernel Memory.

Issue#1:  Memory leak when large amount of shared files are accessed.

When  shared files which  are hosted on a file server, Windows allocates certain space using Ksecdd.sys driver, But by default, doesn’t free up the space. This issue is less common than the above one, but it has occurred to me in the past.

Fix for that is available at : Microsoft Support KB2612966 .

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